Martial Arts for Kids

Molding Your Child’s Mind, Body, and Spirit

The kids program of United Family Martial Arts in Niagara Falls, ON recognizes achievements, encourages goal-setting, and emphasizes the importance of hard work. We are committed to teaching the same values that you strive to instill in your child at home.

Your child will learn a variety of martial arts that will help them deal with bullying, including karate and jiu jitsu. We will also help your child develop his or her coordination and balance, as well as gain a lot of self-confidence.

How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child

Discipline and Confidence
Kids who take martial arts and other martial arts tend to have a healthy and active lifestyle. They experience an increase in confidence and develop a sense of discipline as they learn and have fun.

Setting and Achieving Goals
Most forms of martial arts are based on a system of coloured belts that represent the different degrees of skill and knowledge. Whenever your child is striving to get a new belt, he or she is learning valuable lessons on setting and reaching goals.

Developing Lifelong Relationships
Our students build lasting relationships with their fellow classmates. We teach priceless life skills during our mat chats and reinforce the importance of having good moral values. Your child will treat others the way they want to be treated through our student creed.

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Martial arts can make your child focus on something worthwhile.
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